Sunday, January 23, 2022

____________ MY OLD MATE SLIPSTREAM AND I HEAD SOUTH ____________

I found this photograph on the Zephyr Instagram site. I (on the left) am talking to a fellow Zepherite on the beach at Manly (A beach on the Whangaparoa Peninsula slightly north of Auckland New Zealand) while my yellow Zephyr 'Slipstream' looks on - on the occasion of the 2021 National contest.

This comment from the Instagram site sums up the spirit of sailing a Zephyr - and I say amen to all this:

Next month I head south again to Worser Bay Wellington for the 2022 National Zephyr Championships. I hope to improve on my placings at the other two Nationals I have raced in (60th Worser Bay 2018 and 46th Manly 2021). At 70 years of age a placing in the top half of the fleet will be very pleasing indeed.

What I like about this photo (taken in 2021 at the Nationals in Manly) is that my second hand $4000 home renovated Zephyr (195 in the photo) is ahead of 703 which is one of the new beautiful fiberglass Zephyrs that are now available costing north of $25,000. It's races like this that makes all the renovation blood, sweat and tears worthwhile! Of course it doesn't stop me thinking that a brand spanking new fiberglass model would be rather nice.

What the weather will be like at this years Nationals in Wellington is anybodies guess - but one thing we all know in New Zealand is that if it blows in Wellington - it BLOWS!

So shipmates I'll soon be hitching up the mellow yellow Slippy and heading south - can't wait.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Call me strange but I'd much rather be the guy doing well in the $4k old boat that I'd restored and ahead of the $25k newbie - double win

Alden Smith said...

My thoughts entirely Max, but like magpies we are attracted to new shiny things and the $25k boat is rather sexy. But no! I shall stay strong and financially solvent.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

What Max said as well - there is something inherently contrary that appeals about doing well in older/cheaper kit.. :o) Break a leg in the racing, and fair winds...

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Steve - unfortunately because of Covid the Nationals have been cancelled until next year - see more recent postings.