Tuesday, March 17, 2020

___________________________ ON WE GO _____________________________

With the painting and varnishing completed 'Slipstream' is now right way up and ready for all the various accessories to be bolted and screwed on ........ mainsheet track, inspection ports, rudder gudgeons, sail control cleats etc etc .............. Then we will be good to go - can't wait.

Monday, March 9, 2020

_________________________ MELLOW YELLOW _________________________

Painting is something that I really do not do well, so it was with a lot of trepidation that I began this part of the restoration. All I can say is - "So far, so good". With two out of three (or four) finishing coats on, things are looking reasonably good.

The drill has been coats of 'single pot' International brand 'TopLac' finishing paint applied with a fine foam roller, tipped off with a paint brush. The coats have been 'next day' coats, so I am going for a chemical bond between coats with the very minimum of selected sanding in a few problematic areas.

The key to the smoothness has been thinning the paint up to 10% with the appropriate thinners. After tipping off the thinly applied rolls of paint, the addition of thinners to the paint has allowed the paint to 'self level' giving a surface free of paint brush marks.

I will apply another coat tomorrow and maybe another the day after that. I will then sail the boat as painted, then do a cut and buff after a couple of months when the paint has completely hardened. I chose the colour yellow because it is a bright, happy, positive colour that makes me smile.................... also it will be a good colour for the Coast Guard to see if I need to be rescued from some old age dotage induced, self indulgent whim of loading the boat up with sandwiches and a thermos and setting off on a passage in the direction of Cape Horn.