Monday, May 20, 2024

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SAILING ON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 Sailing my OK 563

My OK Dinghy has been repaired for a while now and I am back sailing - but the drama continued - read on ............

.............Not long after getting the boat fixed the tow bar on my car collapsed as I arrived home when towing the boat. If it had collapsed on the highway there could have been a nasty accident. I now have a new and much stronger towbar and the wheels on the trailer have been moved forwards to obtain better weight balance. After the towbar collapsed without any injury to any road users I counted myself pretty lucky, so following tradition I immediately went out and bought a Lotto ticket - alas my luck didn't extend that far. Never mind, I am very grateful for serendipity falling where it did in the first instance!

This photo was taken yesterday at the OYC combined OK / Flying 15 Regatta weekend. Great event.