Thursday, September 15, 2022

_______________________ ROLL ON SUMMER _______________________

New Zealand has been having a pretty rugged time with the weather this winter with the blue skies and fair winds of summer being only a distant memory. Having completed the last of the infrequent winter racing series a couple of weekends ago I can't wait for Summer and the new season to begin.

I found these two end of summer 2022 photos of sailing at Parua Bay on the WCC site. This is probably the last time I sailed my Zephyr before she was sold and I purchased an OK Dinghy.

The man in the stripy shirt is Mike. He is standing in front of his blue OK Dinghy, one of four (including my own new boat) OK dinghies that are now racing in Northland.

I am packing up 'Slipstream' my yellow Zephyr for the last time before she goes onto the road trailer on the right. It was a bit of a wrench selling 'Slipstream', especially after spending such a lot of time doing an extensive renovation and rebuild but I am more than happy with my awesome new boat (see the post below).

Roll on Summer, I say.