Monday, September 2, 2019

_______________________ THREE GOOD THINGS ________________________

NUMBER ONE: If you look closely at the bow you will see two holes that have been drilled through the stem. The initial holes were drilled oversize, filled with West System glue and then smaller holes drilled. This well tested (On Zephyrs) arrangement takes the place of a heavy stainless steel fore- stay chain plate and solves the problem of fore-stay stress loosening screws over time making this system problematic. The fore-stay will now be attached to rope that is threaded through the holes in the stem.

NUMBER TWO: The new mast step has a couple of good features. First it is very strong and second it is adjustable fore and aft. I have bolted it down as far foreward as possible which gives me a mast adjustment from vertical to well raked aft. Various mast rakes are optimal for different wind strengths and the ability to adjust the rake easily and quickly is an advantage.

NUMBER THREE: Self bailers are terrors of beasts to fit nice and flush. It took me three careful days to get this job completed. I won't go into detail because the explanation would be so long you might lose the will to live reading about it. Suffice to say, it was very tricky, but when completed and I skimmed my hand over each bailer in the manner of a zillion water molecules the transition was smooth and seamless and I was smiling.