Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Shipmates, I hear you ask: "How many photographs of the final fairing stage of a Zephyr yacht does a person need to look at?" - Well the answer is four photographs.

The previous post showed the hull with its first fairing compound combed on. These photographs show the hull after micro light fairing compound has been applied, sanded fair and two coats of 'two pot' Everdure applied.

When you run your beady eyes over a recently coated glossy hull any imperfections are very easy to see. I was heartened to find the hull fair and true with only minor imperfections

The final stage is a regime of sanding between undercoats and the application of a glossy final coat.
But before that happens the hull will be turned the right way up and the new deck, splashboards and other trim installed.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

______________ STAGE TWO OF THE FAIRING PROCESS _________________

Don has faired six of these hulls before, so 'Slipstream' is in good hands as he uses a sanding board to do the first sanding.

Completion of the first sand. The timber hull shows through in the high spots, the low spots are where there is still fairing compound of up to a depth of 2mm. Sighting along the hull with my eye and using a fairing batten failed to show any hills or valleys in the hull. I was well pleased.

The second stage of the fairing process will be another layer of finer compound to fill up the grooves left from the first sanding. This second layer of fairing compound will then be sanded ready for painting.