Tuesday, January 25, 2022

_____________________ GOOD ON YA NEW ZEALAND ____________________

I am very disappointed about the cancellation of this years Zephyr Yacht Nationals not only because I will miss the sailing and racing and all that that means, but also because I was all set to stay and have a catch up with an old friend in Wellington. Having said that, broadly speaking I support the actions of the organisers of the event, Wellingtons'  Worser Bay Yacht Club. I support the clubs decision because they in turn are falling in line with government requirements which I also support. Why? :

If you extrapolate the UKs Covid death toll to New Zealands population, we would have had nearly 15,000 deaths from Covid, instead of the 54 deaths that we have had by following strict regulations and protocols.

If you extrapolate NZs death toll to UKs population the UK would have had only 670 deaths not the 176,000 that they have had. In a similar manner the USA would only have had around 5000 deaths instead of their grim toll of 800,000.

The reason for the lower toll in New Zealand are complex including the fact that there has been a delayed pandemic effect due to our distance from the rest of the world which has enabled NZ to learn from the rest of the worlds experience. Lock downs have been effective because of a high level of compliance which has given breathing space to get high vaccination levels established (well over 90%). The key elements in all of this has been common sense health measures - wear a mask, get vaccinated and avoid large gatherings. None of this is draconian - and I support all of this. We are at war.

ALSO - I want to live long enough to win the Zephyr Nationals. I was 60th in 2018 and 46th in 2021. By my calculations, if this trend continues, I will be winning the contest in 2081 when I am 130 years old - reason enough to battle a plague and stay alive for.


Dan Gurney said...

Hey Alden, I wish the US were more like NZ. I've been sailing lately. Here's a video of me sailing taken two days ago. And, yes, it's winter here in California. It just feels like March.


Alden Smith said...

Hi Dan - Thanks for your comment - of course depending on the context I sometimes wish NZ was more like the US!
Great little video - I couldn't get any sense cutting and pasting the link into Foxfire but got it first time using Safari.
Which boat are you on? the boat with the blue deck? Is the multi-chine boat a Wayfarer? and is the video being filmed aboard a Laser with a jib!??
Winter in California looks great for sailing!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Alden, I am on the Banshee with the blue deck, a boat quite similar to your Zephyr 13' long 120 pounds, just pulling away from the Laser. The other boat was built from plans, scratch by its owner, a master woodworker. He's also a skilled metal worker and made most of the fittings, cast in bronze. Yes, we have sensational sailing here all year long. I got out almost weekly last year, 45 times.

Bummer that you have to wait till 2023. But smart.

Alden Smith said...

Dan, the Banshee does look similar to the Zephyr. Differences are the Banshee hull looks to have less freeboard, the hull is lighter than a Zephyr (54kgs to the Zephyrs 58kg) and the Banshee has an unstayed mast. I suspect the Banshee may be a bit faster than a Zephyr. Looks like a really nice boat and you looked as though you having a great time sailing!!
Out on the water 45 times last year! It's sounds like it's time you entered the National Banshee Championships : >)
Although of course sailing needn't be and shouldn't be always competitive. I do like racing but I also enjoy simply being out on the water enjoying the sailing and the local environment.