Friday, May 22, 2020

__________________________ HIGH SUMMER __________________________

High summer - looking north towards Little Barrier Island from the coast near Leigh

Summer in Northland is special. It shines with a scintillating razor sharp  brightness. If you look really closely you can see the halo of it all and hear the air sing. We are heading into winter here in New Zealand. I don't actually mind the hunkering down nature of Winter. It is a season with its own ambience, activities and pleasures; part of which is looking forward to Summer again. What would Summer be without Winter?


Barubi said...

Hunkering down. I take it Slipstream isn’t relaunching soon.

Alden Smith said...

Hi Burubi. Hunkering down is a relative term. Here in the far north of NZ hunkering down amounts to a few months of fires in our wood burner but there is no snow or frosts or biting cold. Sailing continues during winter on a down scaled basis with most yacht clubs running winter sailing racing programs.

Slipstream is 99.5% complete with only a few small rigging jobs to do. First sail is next week weather permitting. Can't wait! I'll be doing a blog post featuring the big day. I won't be launching Slipstream with the breaking of a bottle of champagne over the bow but after all the hard work I am tempted to take a bottle of it along to the launching and drinking it.