Saturday, July 22, 2017

_______________________ ONE STEP CLOSER ________________________

It has been a bit of a slow train coming, but a week or so ago after I had reinstalled the fuel tank the engine was finally hauled aboard with a chain block and placed on its brand new rubber mounts. Since then it has sat on its engine beds as I have waited for a very busy diesel mechanic to make some decisions regarding propeller shaft couplings etc. Long story short - new billets of steel have had to be ordered and milled into shape on Terry's lathe and then fitted and checked. Everything is taking a lot longer than I had planned; but Shipmates all aspects of sailing tend to be slower journeys.

On Monday the new propeller shaft with its new couplings will be aligned and connected to the gear box before everything is bolted in place. I have installed a new water lock exhaust box in the port cockpit locker and purchased most of the peripheral items that are required to allow the motor to work. These include, exhaust, fuel filter, drip tray, remote stern gland greaser, new temperature, oil pressure and engine hour gauges, engine controls, various fuel lines, engine cooling lines and electrical wiring. The alignment of the engine and the wiring will be completed by my diesel mechanic Geoff and his son Ben. I will complete the rest of the work.

Yesterday I had a tidy up of the cabin and, usual story, found tools I have been hunting for all week and a few others I forgot I actually had.

When the installation of the motor is finished I will complete the fairing and fiber glassing of the keel. Despite having erected my protective transparent plastic tent around the hull I have been waiting for a break in the cold, wet and very windy weather to do this. It is Winter here in New Zealand and both Islands have been hammered pretty hard by stormy weather.


George A said...


Alden Smith said...

Yes, progress! and in the right direction.

Don said...

Alden, the heavy work has been done......all light stuff from now on.
I agree the weather has been lousy for getting anything done outside.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for your comment Don. Yes, I was reminded of what you are commenting about today when we finished bolting the motor down after aligning the engine with the propeller shaft. Most of work left to be done now on the motor is light work - fuel and exhaust lines and the positioning and bolting on of filters etc etc - all the peripherals.

The next biggie is fiber glassing the keel. I have been getting some good advice on this job and feel ready for this the final push!