Tuesday, September 7, 2021

____________________________ MEDITATION ________________________

Unity of heart and mind speaks of the world as 
islands set in oceans and seas of wind whipped blue
Our deepest truth is found on voyages alone navigating the self 
among the scend of oceans breaking on headlands and reefs
Old truth tells us that to seek is to sail the horizon back to where we began
The voyage and the return are one, a circumnavigation of islands born of meanings call
  to find the heart of seeking eternally moored by the shore
 in the silence of our own harbour .
By - Alden Smith 2021 


Alastair said...


My name is Alastair O'Riordan - you can contact me at Alastair_oriordan@hotmail.com and I can then send you photos of Vertue XXXV if you want.


Alastair said...

I just saw your post about VertueXXXV back in 2015 - I can send photos if you want Alastair

Anonymous said...

I just saw the post about VERTUE XXXV - I am Alastair O"Riordan and my email is alastair_oriordan@hotmail.com

I you contact me I can send photos

Alden Smith said...

Hi Alastair - Yes I got your email and posted this comment on my current Blog Post

"Hi Alastair - Your email to me arrived before I viewed my Blog today, so you should have my reply by now. And yes as indicated in my email I am more than interested in the photographs and the interview which with your permission I will use to Blog further on your grandfathers and Humphrey Bartons great adventure in the North Atlantic on their way to the USA in the 1950s - what a voyage!!
I was impressed by the photos - moved by the photo of the original chart of the voyage and blown away by the excellent painting of Vertue 35 in the Hurricane off Bermuda."

Thanks for making contact, I appreciate that very much - Alden