Tuesday, March 15, 2016

_______________________ KAYAKING IN COMPANY ______________________

 Today I went for a paddle with my older brother Tony as he took his new 'ride on'  "Prowler" brand Kayak on it's maiden voyage.

 In an area off the Portland channel we found a break in the mangroves and went exploring.

 We thought we might break through to another part of the harbour but were finally thwarted my a wall of mangrove trees.
 So it was back to 'Pohutakawa Beach' (See three posts back, March 10th) for some lunch. (This time landing was easier as the tide was in).

Tony is pretty pleased with his new kayak. It's stable and slips along nicely. We are already planning our next trip.


Charlotte Hawkins said...

So glad your brother is living close by so you can enjoy kayaking together! I bet you two get up to heaps of mischief! Great photos Dad XX

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Charlotte. Yes it is nice that he lives here in Whangarei.

I can't tell you anything about the mischief we get up to - part of the mischief package is not telling anyone about what you get up to. Of course I could give you a hint and talk about eating four Hokey Pokey ice creams in a row or posting dead fish in large envelopes to Santa because he pisses you off for not existing... but don't tell anyone.