Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modifying The Honda Accord

These two photographs from the Auckland Boat Show picture how some seven foot long P Class yachts were transported in the first half of last century. It was back in the real days when sensible people in New Zealand grew their own vegetables on their quarter acre sections, women knew how to make Pavlova correctly, men hadn't lost their mojos, teachers used real sacks (not these new fangled, pathetic, synthetic thingies) for the children's sports day sack races and real cars had running boards on which to cart small yachts around on - what the fuck happened to the world?

These photographs are fortuitous because I have 7 boats (A sea kayak, a small inflatable dinghy, Two rigid fiberglass dinghies, two sailing dinghies and one relatively large ocean going yacht.) [That's a lot of boats - not as many as I would like; BUT there's still time - but I digress] ...... and I have no way of getting any of the six of the seven boats to the water! I recently put a tow bar on my Honda Accord with the idea of purchasing a trailer to take these little boats down to the sea, but I can see the solution right here in these photographs - a running board on the Honda is what is needed, now, without a moments sailing time to be lost. Bingo! I now have a use for that old sheet of corrugated iron.


Ben said...

You can also make your Honda a convertible, by cutting off the roof and use the Starling as a roof.

Alden Smith said...

Lol - yes indeed, you are full of very good ideas - do a prototype test of your theory on your campervan and let me know how you get on Lol !