Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Milestones and Penultimate Moments

In the Nana Olympics Christine would be without a doubt a gold medalist - without a doubt; she's that good.

When we see our beloved grandson approximately every month he has either reached some sort of milestone in his development or he is just a step away from the next one. To date Zane is pulling himself up from the floor and hanging onto furniture. Soon it will be one small step for our grandson, one giant leap in his mobility. Such a sea change in Alex and Ramizas bright new world of parenting will mean that things will never be quite the same again. Intelligence, curiosity and mobility will be an interesting alliance.

How quick has been his development, how so very, very rich the experience of watching him grow - such an abundance of love flows in his direction - he deserves it all - love, his doting parents and his gold medalist Nana.


Ben said...

What do children grow fast. Your picture and blog brings back memories of being young parents and how fast time passes by. Apparently we have to wait longer for any children from our offspring. When the boat is restored, you will have plenty of time to learn him to sail and may be even to play rugby.
Love to Christine from Renée and Ben.

Alden Smith said...

They grow so fast because we keep giving them lots of food! and yes time does past quickly - "Time and tide waits for no man" as the saying goes.

I am not all that keen on Rugby (I found it all a bit boring and brutal when I played it at school - and the modern sport has been spoiled by money (produces egos and pre madonnas) so I don't have either the will or the skills to teach him that BUT - sailing and building things (mainly boats) is an entirely different matter.

Today I bought a belt sander so I am onto the next stage of the Starling Project (watch this space).

I will pass on your love to Christine.