Friday, May 23, 2014


Every Friday here at School the children can order a sausage on bread with or without tomato sauce. It costs $1.50 for a sausage at our 'Friday Sausage Sizzle' school fund raiser.

Today a hand written order arrived, delivered by an adult as he dropped off his children. He was doing everything possible to make sure the sausage order arrived and was processed. The hand written note was precise, legible and with exemplary spelling. The signature at the bottom of the note had the flourish of a mission accomplished. It was the sort of note whose nuance (ripped with precision from one end of an envelope) stated unequivocally: "If this note doesn't elicit sausages at lunchtime today then the Cosmos in general and Einsteins General Theory of Relativity in particular needs some serious tweaking."

Lets call the children Jack and Jill. This is the handwritten order.

Hi ******

Could we please get three sausages.
1 X for Jack Rm 1
1 X for Jill Rm 3
Thanks  enclosed $5.00 (Change $2.00)

signed (Adult signature)

This makes me smile. I love this sort of thing because it makes me feel not so alone in the universe. May God bless this man many times.

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