Thursday, January 27, 2022



As the 2022 Zephyr Nationals have been cancelled the consolation prize for us Zephyrites who were rearing to go to Wellington for the Nationals is to watch last years video featuring some of the sailing highlights. I'll watch and see if I can see myself wallowing around in my boat 'Slipstream' 195 (That's the yellow boat with the old bugger still learning how to sail). Roll on next year - as the 2023 Nationals will be held at the same place as this years cancelled sailing - Worser Bay, Wellington.


Dan Gurney said...

30 seconds into the video I think I see #195 coming into the gybe mark. Great video of your Nationals. What a fantastic turnout. Skillful sailing on display there!

Alden Smith said...

Hi Dan - Yes, the Zephyr class just seems to be going from strength to strength. Often the new sailors are older members of other classes who are looking for a boat that is not quite as demanding. There are a lot of ex Laser sailors coming into the class for this reason and because the class is very competitive. The winner of the last national contest was an ex Laser sailor. Thanks for your comment, nice to hear from you.