Sunday, June 20, 2021

__________________________ WINTER RACING _________________________

I raced my first winter race today - the third race in the 2021 winter series. The first race was called off because of stormy weather and I missed the second race because I had something else on in Auckland. But better late than never and there are still a few more winter races to go.

The main mission today was to try out my new C-Tech Industries produced carbon fibre sail battens - all 6 of them - they worked beautifully and are real keepers. I should have had a set a long time ago. The mains'l with its full length battens is now a whole lot easier to raise and lower. The battens pop back with the sail shape easily when tacking and the mains'l is setting really well. 

Getting the correct individual deflection for each of the six battens is a bit of the dark art and this set seems to have captured the correct incantations. The battens are also half the weight of the fiberglass set. They are worth the expense.

The forecast was for lightening, thunder, a deluge of rain and 8 - 15 knots of wind. What eventuated was enough wind (3 - 5 knots) to get three races in. The moment the racing was over the wind vanished and the rain began.

Treading my way out among the mooring boats on the way to the race course. The wind did pick up after this photo was taken and we had some enjoyable racing. I think I did ok - but are waiting for the mixed fleet handicap results. As always it was nice to be out on the water ------ Shipmates, tell that man in the yellow boat to pull the mains'l outhaul out and fix the set of the sail!!

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