Saturday, January 4, 2020


I think if I have to cut another rolling bevel on a pair of splash boards I might well give up the will to live! I haven't come across such an ornery piece of wood working marlarkey for quite some time. Having said that, I am grudgingly thankful that the boat demanded this of me as I am quite pleased at how they have turned out.

Every set of Zephyr splash boards I have seen are straight or curve in the opposite direction to mine. I have curved them this way in a Herreshoff - ish kind of way because I like the way they look.

And on goes the deck. The angled piece of plywood in the foreground is a deck join doubler where the fore deck plywood joins the side deck.

Fore deck is on.  Note a different and much bigger side deck doubler on the left hand side of the photo. This doubler doubles the side deck thickness in this area from 4mm to 8mm making it strong enough for the skipper to sit without cracking the deck.

Note also the hanging scales. The "legal" minimum weight (as set in the class rules) for a Zephyr is 58 kgs. Before the renovation began the weight was 64 kgs. I have been watching the weight carefully and hope she weighs in at 58 kgs - a light boat is a fast boat.

Happy is the wooden boat renovator if he has a good supply of G clamps. 

Fully decked is a bit of a milestone.

Today I glued on the new splash boards which I had laminated up over a temporary jig. It was a bit of a mission, especially cutting, planing and sanding a rolling bevel on the underside of the splash boards - not a job I want to repeat in a hurry.

The only construction work left to complete are the cockpit floor battens, the internal cockpit trim and the exterior trim (rubbing strakes) around the gunwales.

At this point the boat weighs 53 kgs. So I have 5 kilos up my sleeve - Steady as she goes skipper and she should make the grade.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice work, Alden - and if I haven't said it yet.. Happy New Year and fair winds for the coming year... I'm interested, paint or varnish for the finish, or a mix? Shame to lose that lovely fore-deck under a coat of paint...

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Steve - and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous year to you and yours for 2020.

As you can see if you compare photos the deck already has a few coats of 'Everdure' two pot wood preservative. This morning I will 'Everdure' the splashboards and later when the rest of the trim is on I will paint and varnish - that is the hull and cockpit painted - the deck, splashboards and trim Varnished. The Gaboon plywood darkens nicely when varnished revealing its beautiful grain.

Bursledon Blogger said...

HNY Alden - looking very nice

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Max - last big push today. Yesterday I purchased a 4 meter length of 150mm X 50mm Alaskan Red Cedar. Today I mill out lengths for the rubbing strakes, cockpit floor battens and cockpit trim beadings. When complete it's into the painting, varnishing and rigging.

George A said...

Looks good Alden, hope you make weight.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks George. Last weigh in was 53 kilos. That gives me 5kgs to play with. Approximately 2kgs for paint and varnish and 3kgs for the last of the light weight cedar trim, hiking straps, inspection ports and ropes and cleats. It's going to be close but not the end of the world if I am a kilo over (I will go on a diet to compensate).