Monday, November 25, 2019

___________________ HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM __________________

Due to my Apple Mac Pro Laptop computer giving up the ghost (The ghost in the machine? - now there is an interesting philosophical / theological / consciousness / being / mystical .....  etc question ) ...... I am unable to do any more posting on this blog until the said 'Ghost' is returned (or is that replaced?).

So postings regarding sojourns in the UK to Stonehenge, the East Coast Rivers, Cambridgeshire, Maduradam in The Netherlands, a visit to Whangarei of James Cooks Endeavour Replica, Zephyr yacht restoration progress and various rants about nothing in particular will have to be put on hold for a while.


Bursledon Blogger said...

If you're machine is down you probably can't read this. I have a Mac for work and hate it - the file manager is the worst i've ever used. Win 10 confuses me - I've rebuild a couple of old machines with Linux - Zorin for Joseph for school/gaming and Linux Lite for my own personal stuff.

Linux Lite is great so far, fast, simple and loads of SW available, Zorin pretty much comes with everything and has a great interface.

If you can find an old PC either of those is a good choice (both are open source free)

We're not far from Stonehenge - shame we didn't know you were in UK could have showed you around the Hamble

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Max, I thought about getting in touch with both you and Steve The Wargamer but we were overtaken by the birth of a grandchild and other dramas. We now have two English born grandsons so we will be back some time - so I will keep those thoughts of yours in mind.

I have had a pretty good run with my Apple Mac laptop so far but good things don't last forever. I am now using an old Windows machine. Funny but before we went to the UK I bought a magazine about Linux Python, which has good reviews (I have always thought I would try Linux one day) so maybe that time has come. I will take a look at Zorin.

Alden Smith said...

Whoops - Max, the Linux I bought a magazine about was MINT - I also bought a magazine at the same time on the programming language PYTHON - hence the mix up in names. Linux Mint has some very good reviews and is popular as is ZORIN - both good entry level Linux distros.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Alden - Mint looks good too - you can download most of the Liniux distro's onto a boot able USB and try them on a windows machine without affecting windows, you boot from the USB and after shutdown take it out and boot windows normally - gives you a chance to try it out before you fully commit.

From what I've read Mint is one of the best, we used Zorin for Joseph because it has lots of education apps (and he liked the desktop!)

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for that Max - I will be giving Linux a whirl at some point.