Tuesday, January 29, 2019

____________________ ON NEW BRIGHTON BEACH ______________________

I recently shot this photo from the New Brighton Pier. Years ago I walked this part of the beach south of the pier many times. The most interesting walks were with my father. He would always make each of us a walking staff, trimming the ends of suitable long sturdy sticks with his large pocket knife.

I took these photographs with my Panasonic Lumix point and shoot camera. Although not perfect by any means I am always impressed by the depth of field that this simple camera produces with its little Leica zoom lens.  


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice pictures... c'mon Alden, how's the big boat doing..??

Alden Smith said...

Bloody hell Steve, have you got some kind of hot line to my sub consciousness? There is one word and one saying to sum it all up - the word is 'avoidance' and the saying is 'Ostriches are apt at times to bury their head in the sand'.

The fact is that ever since I completed the last big TLC on the big boat, I have had gear box problems with the motor, which pisses me off no end considering the large amount of money I spent on getting it fixed, a newly sealed cockpit motor inspection hatch leaked like a sieve (I have since fixed it), a through deck bilge pump doesn't work despite a huge amount of work done on renovating it (I thought I was being clever not purchasing a new Whale Gusher pump for over $450) and I have had problems getting the new stove installed. All of this has meant that the boat hasn't been used much and is now in need of a haul out and anti fouling paint applied. All this has had the effect of making me feel a bit over whelmed by it all with the subsequent head in the sand burying. But I do appreciate this time on the psychologists couch and will be obliged if you don't send me a bill. LOL.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

LOL! You're welcome.. :o)

PS. As a good mate of mine said to me once in similar circumstances to you.. "that's boating"... :o)

Alden Smith said...

And he's right, "that's boating" and if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I'll get it sorted - thank god my only problems at the moment are first world problems such as fixing an expensive yacht - I actually count my blessings quite frequently : > )

Ben said...

I always love those empty beaches of NZ.
Aren’t you busy racing the Laser?

Alden Smith said...

At the moment I am busy painting a bathroom and other house issues. I will be back to racing the Laser - BUT!! there have been developments. I got a ring from a very renowned Auckland Zephyr sailor telling me that he has bought a house in Whangarei and will be retiring and sailing here - so that means I need to push forward the renovation on the Zephyr and return to sailing a real boat. I will keep the Laser (despite its tendency to try and kill old sailors by drowning or giving them chronic back problems) but I am excited about this new situation - we were once 1 (me) then 2 (my mate Burnie and me) now there will be 3 (Me, Burnie and Don). So, who knows by the time I am ready for a Zimmer frame there might be even 4 of us!!