Thursday, May 17, 2018

_________________ LATEST UPDATE ON 'AUTUMN LEAVES' ______________

Al Steads' 'Autumn Leaves' build is progressing well and looking real good. You can see more here:

As I have indicated on a previous update - to see the photographs on the site you have to register (easy and no big deal).

This boat is a very special design by John Harris that presses a good number of deep nautical intuitions in the hearts of shipmates everywhere. Can't wait to see her launched and sailing.


Paul Mullings said...

So when does building start, Alden?

Alden Smith said...

Good question. At the moment my workshop is an open sided car port which has served me well in my dinghy renovation work, but a build like this deserves to be without compromise and to be really enjoyed. This means getting out of the weather and a lot more room. I really need a big shed. When the time comes I am sure I can cobble together a cunning plan.