Saturday, April 7, 2018

___________________________ HOT DIGGITY __________________________

Tonight Christine, Lynn, Bernie and I went and had a meal together at our yacht club (Whangarei Cruising Club) and listened to a visiting Blue Grass Band called 'Hot Diggity' - New Zealands only all female Blue Grass band. Of their genre of amateur musical bands they were a very good example. This Utube video is not from tonights performance but it is "as good as" (as the saying goes) as an example of their performance. It displays the ambience and informality of local 'Hot Diggitys' gigs as they make their way around New Zealand entertaining Kiwis and showing off their enthusiasm, virtuosity and musical talent.

Of course the evening was not all about Blue Grass music. Over a beer or six, Bernie and I planned our strategy for tomorrows six hour endurance race at the Onerahi Yacht Club where we will be competing in our Zephyr sailing dinghies.

As the evening progressed and the instruments and voices wove their contrapuntal and harmonic paths and as the lyrics soared to the rafters and the beer flowed it was amazing how our predictions of tomorrows personal sailing performances rose in unison to the driving rhythm. Shipmates, such is the sailors life.

If I purchased a brand spanking new fiberglass Zephyr as a celebration of the sailing life I feel the name 'Hot Diggity' has a rather nice ring to it.


George A said...

Love the old-timey microphone! Music ain't bad either.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, they were pretty good, musically very competent, highly entertaining and great easy listening.

Ben said...

Hi Alden,
Did not know that you like this kind of music. Indeed highly entertaining and great easy listening. Once in a while I go to a visiting American Bluegrass band with some old friends, one of them plays in a Cajun band: Des fais dodo. See this link

Alden Smith said...

Ben, I like most music except Rap or Heavy Metal. Live music, especially un-amplified acoustic music is especially good to listen to - although I accept that amplification is required inside venues full of noisy audiences. The band 'Hot Diggity' was necessarily amplified for their performance inside the noisy yacht club that we attended.
Thanks for the link, I enjoyed listening to Des fais dodo.