Thursday, February 15, 2018


Shipmates, without wanting to get too obsessive about all this cyclone malarkey the above weather map is one of the predictions of the cyclones position in 5 days time. At the present moment it is about 1000km or more north between Fiji and New Caledonia.

Tuesday 20th February shows the Cyclones closest predicted approach with the north eastern quadrant of the storm raging over Wellington.

Tuesday the 20th is the day we arrive in Wellington.

Wednesday the 21st is boat inspection and measurement day.

Thursday the 22nd is the major race briefing day with the first race at 1400hrs.

............ so my guess is that if the above weather map projection is accurate the worst of the storm will have continued its southward direction and moved away from gladiatorial Zephyr Colosseum of Worser Bay ........... butt (and I use that word advisably) there is going to be plenty of wind, so when my butt is stacking out over the the gunwales I hope my weight of 90+kgs will come into play and help me to fly to windward like a Zephyr with a 90+kg canting keel. (hope springs eternal).


Ben said...

Amazingly enough the VOR model shows light winds on Februari 22 (5 – 10 knots) at Worser bay !!?? . Maybe your strategic Christmas eating was for nothing. 😊

Alden Smith said...

If this is correct then perhaps my hopes are scuppered and I will become a local version of 'The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner' with a weather Albatross of no wind around my neck - But, nothing is certain until it is known exactly when and where Cyclone Gita will arrive on the coast of NZ.