Tuesday, June 27, 2017

____________________ REINSTALLING THE MOTOR _____________________

Today 'Mariners' reconditioned diesel engine and all the associated bits and pieces arrived back on a trailer ready for installation. Unfortunately when we fitted the propeller shaft we found that it was binding in the strut bearing. So I have had to remove the propeller strut completely from the hull and realign everything again - a lengthy job that took all day. Hopefully we can make a start on the engine beds, mounts etc tomorrow.

The engine is a single cylinder, sea water cooled 11HP Italian Arona Diesel made by Fiat. It has a V-drive gearbox which means that the motor sits back to front with the fly wheel towards the stern and the gearbox to the front of the boat.

The fuel tank now has a good sized sump welded onto the base of the tank. This will make it easy to regularly drain off any water, sludge or contaminants from the tank.

I purchased this engine over forty years ago in 1976. Geoff the diesel mechanic who has been doing the reconditioning said that when he pulled the head off the engine to clean the waterways around the cylinder head etc he was surprised at the good condition of the motor. He made the comment that a modern marine diesel wouldn't last as long as this old cast iron model - I find that encouraging. I know that I am taking a bit of a punt doing a recondition rather than re-powering with a new engine, but the costs are a bit prohibitive. Perhaps this old girl will see this old bugger out; I certainly hope so.

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