Tuesday, April 11, 2017

_______________________ BLOWING IN THE WIND _____________________


George A said...

Wharizit? A bird bath? A wind vane? A whirling bird scare-crow thingy? Garden art?

I'll go with my last guess. I used to tell my children if they encountered something in the physical environment that was the product of human hands but lacked an obvious explanation or logical purpose, then it must part of that greatest category of the human imagination, eg: it must be art.

Alden Smith said...

Hi George. In response to your question I have posted another couple of photos.

I guess the correct name for it would be 'wind sculpture'. It was a cheap purchase from the local garden center. You can see how the top part pivots on a ball which sits in a little cup. When the wind blows the boat responds by heeling, and also pitches gently in the horizontal plane giving a pretty good simulation of sailing - albeit standing still.

Sometimes an eddy of wind causes the boat to turn onto the other tack and sometimes she does a complete match racing penalty turn of 360 degrees.

I like to sit in the sun with a cup of tea and watch her sailing in my backyard - very soothing, meditative and worthwhile.

George A said...

Tea sounds terribly healthy. I'd need rum to sit and watch this yacht.

Alden Smith said...

Tea, coffee, beer, rum - all work well. A few rums would no doubt add to the perceived motion of the yacht. My personal weaving while walking after a quarter of a bottle of rum would make the yacht seem as though she was rounding Cape Horn in a gale.