Friday, February 17, 2017

__________________________ A PROPHECY _________________________

Although there are plenty of Zephyrs in New Zealand my new Zephyr 'Slipstream' is the only Zephyr I have seen here in Whangarei. She attracts a lot of interest. The response on every occasion always contain comments on her good looks - "What a pretty boat!" "They sure are nice looking boats aren't they!" "Des Townson really knew how to design a nice boat!" are the very words that I have heard. Yet other words come to mind, words that go to the heart of the matter - 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

When a large amount of good looks is packed into a boat of such practical size and beautiful sailing qualities ......... it is highly likely that a very light breeze, a Zephyr of a wind begins to brew in the hearts of men and women who love the sheer poetry of sailing and the art of good design. It is a Zephyr of a wind that will slowly and surely grow into a great wind of change ............

In Whangarei we are but two at the moment - 'Slipstream' and I - but my prophecy is that before the year is out we will not be alone!  Watch this space!

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