Sunday, December 4, 2016

___________________________ GEZELLIGHEID ______________________

Onze vrienden Ben en Renee reisden een lange weg van Nederland naar Nieuw-Zeeland om ons te zien. We hadden goede tijden samen. Goed eten, goede wijn en een goed gesprek. Gezellig. Heb een veilige reis naar huis. Wij hopen dat ze snel terug komen.


Ben said...

One of many beautiful photographs we got. Just arrived home after 37 hours of travel.
Your Dutch improved a lot.:-)
Thanks for the gezelligheid.
Renee, Ben.

Alden Smith said...

Glad to hear that you both arrived safely. 37 hours! what a long and no doubt tiring trip, but I am sure you are both glad to be home.

We enjoyed your visit, take care and perhaps we will see you next year some time.

Alden Smith said...

..... as to the improvement of my Dutch - much as I would like to be take credit I have Mr and Mrs Google from Mountain View California USA and their useful "Google Translate" for my written Dutch fluency (which works quite well so long as I keep my writing reasonably simple).

.... and on a completely different note - I hope you enjoy your coming Winter, especially the ice skating - remember! if the The Netherlands goes into a great freeze and the Elfstedentocht becomes a possibility, let me know!!

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