Wednesday, September 14, 2016

_____________________ SPRING IN THE BACKYARD ____________________

 .............. and here is the empirical photographic evidence. 

These are the first bulbs to flower. Who would have thought moi would be out every day to check and count the new bulbs poking their little heads above the ground.

Most of the pots have had bulbs planted among pansy flowers.

 This is one of two Mandarin trees we have planted.

 This little bushy plant is called a 'Little Kiwi".

The inspiration for finally getting our act together in the garden was our 2015 European "Garden Treasures" tour. The results so far have been pleasing. The big pots have a 'stone' rather than a 'terracotta' colouring, which is pleasing to the eye and provides a more neutral background for the fast developing garden colour. Who would have thought that this old sailor would be fussing over pot plants and walking around outside early in the morning in his dressing gown looking for any new bulbs poking their little heads through. Yikes!!


Ben said...

Hi Alden,
Like the proof of spring starting in Northland. Beautiful plants.
The flowers in the pot with the Mandarin tree are called Aprilletjes in Dutch. They should flower in October, adding 6 months to April, so Northland is a bit earlier understandably.
Regarding Yikes, people can change also over 65 
Why using pots and not the garden soil itself?
I like working in the garden. Doing the rough stuff, while Renée takes care of the more delicate works, requiring knowledge and patience.
Regarding my hobby, I recently added a classic high strength steel Italian racing bike to my collection. No carbon fibre but extremely thin, light steel. Rides like the devil and very stable in turns. Like you sailing, I can combine it with gardening 

Alden Smith said...

Yes you are correct. We continue to change, even 65 year old sailors. The reasons for some of my changed attitudes are complex but all point towards having more of an interest and enjoyment of simplicity, the natural environment and those things (both material and spiritual) that are immediately 'on the doorstep'.

If you look at the last photograph you will see a large Lavender bush behind the wooden planter boxes and to the right a Camellia tree both of which are in the garden soil itself, along with some carpet roses and other plants.

There are a number of reasons for the large pots. We were inspired on our travels by plantings in large pots and the pots add what gardeners call 'architectural interest'. The pots and the wooden planters raise the flowers above ground level and they are decorative and pleasant to look at adding interest to the surrounding garden.

Your new Italian racing bike sounds interesting - don't get a ticket by breaking the speed limit!