Sunday, September 11, 2016

_________________________ HAIKU SPRING ________________________

 Son and grandson explore the Matapouri esturary.

Passing the doll shop
I picked up the littlest one .....
                                  Suddenly I smiled                      Baisitsu 

 Iconic Aotearoa New Zealand holiday bach at Matapouri.

No bold rain - cloud for 
a hundred miles
around ... dares
                           brave the peonies               - Buson
Iconic view from the iconic Matapouri bach.

The seashore temple
incoming rollers
 flow in time
                       to the holy Flute         - Buson
The photographer, aka the old bugger, hobbles along behind carrying his crocs.

Here comes Mr Horse.......
quick, quick out 
of the roadway
                         happy sparrowlet                    Issa



Ben said...

This is a beautiful answer on my last remark about Spring.

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Ben. It was certainly a beautiful day - and Spring is in the air.