Monday, May 23, 2016

_________________________ POSITIVE THINGS ________________________

If you watch and listen to the daily news you could convince yourself that the world has gone completely stark raving mad. But happily among the mayhem and madness most of the world continues to live productive and positive lives; working, creating and generally enjoying themselves as they live out their own truth and make the most of the context they live in.

I came across this video and thought it expresses something of that continuity.
I like the name of this lovely little ship. 


Dan Gurney said...

Thanks for sharing this video. I enjoyed seeing the simple pleasure of launching a traditional sloop. Except for the digital cameras and modern cars, this launching might have happened 50 or more years ago. I love the faithfulness to yesteryear. I suppose the sails and lines are of synthetics, but otherwise that yacht could have sailed in much the same form 100 years ago.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, there is a lot to like. It was nice to see the skipper putting what I am assuming was his grandchildren aboard for the boats first sail.

Also the simplicity and honesty of the design and the sensible nod to modernity in terms of synthetics for running rigging and sails.

Ben said...

Lovely video! Luckily no people got squashed. Funny to see a British boat in Italian colours. This launch looks so relaxed.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for that Ben. I didn't know she was painted in Italian colours! I imagine there is a story behind that fact.

Fabian Bush the builder of this yacht is a consummate boat builder in the traditional style (Google 'Fabian Bush' for more information).

I have featured another build by Fabian Bush on this blog (March 26th 2015) i.e the beautiful Albert Strange designed canoe yawl 'Wenda' - You can Google her here:

Or just type 'Wenda' in the search box on my blog.

Mike said...

This is the second vessel I've come across that's described as a Winkle Brig. Does that mean it's a type? The other one was a 16' lifting keel cabin boat, gaff rig, GRP, built by the former owner of the Ferry Boat Yard on the Mersey. Several dozen were built in the 90s and inspired a fairly enthusiastic following.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for your comment Mike. I don't know anything at all about Wrinkle Brigs. The term may actually be ambiguous i.e. it may be making reference talking to the rig, the hull or a combination of both. The term 'Yawl' is somewhat the same. There is a Yawl rig (Two masts, forward mast the tallest, with the mizzen mast at the stern being placed behind the rudder post); a Yawl boat (A large rowing boat used as a tender to a large vessel), and a Canoe Yawl as per those developed by the Humber Yawl Club, where technically many of the canoes were Ketches having the mizzen mast in front of the rudder stock.