Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mariner Project - Part 1

There are no more excuses. I now have a fully restored Starling sailing dinghy for exercise and diversion from the slings and arrows of outrageous retirement - so...... no more procrastination. I must now bite the bullet and get Mariners marine diesel engine either repaired or replaced. There is a lot more sailing to do before the letting go of 'Old Cold Nose' for the very last time by this old sailor.

I am toying with the idea of competing next year in the Auckland to Russell Coastal Classic, not as I did this year on board Lion New Zealand but on my very own beloved Mariner. So I have about eleven months to do this engine work and some others tweaks to the boat that will make her a little bit more fun to sail. Remember shipmates, sailing is serious fun ..........  (Except when it's hell on earth - a howling gale, lee shore, moonless night, no bloody clue where you are, wet and seasick) ........ and serious fun is yee-hahingly good.


Char said...

Dad, it is great to hear that you will be starting work on her. Since I was little if anyone ever said to me anything about 'boats' or 'boating' I always said proudly and still do say. "MMMMY Dad built his own boat, the shell and everything" People are always impressed!

Alden Smith said...

Such a nice affirmation Charlotte :> ) - Thank you. XX