Thursday, May 24, 2018

_______________________ IN THE EARLY WORLD _______________________

"People Among Chameleons" - Marker pens on white board. Copyright of the Artist - Zane Smith.

The artist is four years old. His interpretation of the background elements in this work changes with the telling on a daily basis. The people of fluid identity in the foreground are a mixture of family and pre-school friends.

Technically this is another brilliant work by the artist. Note the deliberately restricted pallet, the well placed major themes and elements and the use of symbolism. This is a bold and decisive statement by the artist as he leaves the "Scribble Stage" and emerges triumphantly, like lightening out of a clear blue sky into the ''Schematic Stage" of children's art. We look forward with eager anticipation to his seismic emergence into the "True To Appearance Stage" with its attendant dazzling Kilauea energy  : > )

This work is for sale by auction with a conservative reserve price of NZ$1million ....................... Nah, it's not for sale, not only because it's priceless but because it got wiped off the whiteboard yesterday with a piece of cloth. That's the thing with white boards, here today and gone tomorrow as the artist rapidly experiments and develops. But grandads got a cunning little camera that comes in very useful. Thus reviewing, reflection and posterity are all satisfied. 

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