Thursday, October 20, 2016

______________________ MARINER'S DINGHY (10) _______________________

The side seats and the rowlock blocks have all been fitted, glued and screwed.
The G - clamps and timbers are the beginnings of the centreboard case.

To do list: 

Centreboard case 
Mast step
Fit floorboards 
Tiller, rudder and centreboard
Mast, boom, gaff, sail


Ben said...

She is almost ready for a landing on Sunday island.

Alden Smith said...

You are correct Ben .... and she is big enough for a nice load of oranges from the famous orange groves as well!!

Dan Gurney said...

She's looking good. I like the benches so you don't have to sit in the bilge water.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Dan, and my sentiments as well regarding sitting in the bilge water. But I did have to think about it. Some small traditionally fitted out little dinghies such as this one do have the skipper sitting on the floor of the boat - but I think this side seat arrangement is the best.