Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 6

Improvised plywood transporting roof rack extension. ( All real boat builder / sailors have a generous stash of lumber - this is why!!! )

Two sheets of beautiful 6mm Meranti marine grade plywood. As I unloaded these sheets I could smell the distinct smell of plywood - back came a deluge of boat building memories. So many boat renovations, so many new builds, so little time - ( I will make sure to get in a major voyage between all the wood working ).

The main boat surgeons tools: nail punches, chisel, hammer, plane, screw driver. (After the photo I added an essential pair of pliers.)

I thought I would get away with just replacing areas where there was obvious evidence of wood rot. I could have gone down this path but on thinking it through I realised that it would be a lot more work. I decided to cut my losses and replace all the plywood except for a small section either side at the bow.

So today, armed with my chosen weapons of engagement I made a start on taking off the remainder of the plywood. All that will be left after the removal will be the bare skeleton of the yacht. Thank goodness the framing is ok and totally free of rot or any other problems, otherwise I would have some extra winter kindling wood, but no boat!!

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