Thursday, March 26, 2015

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'Constance' built by Fabian Bush enjoying a sunny summer breeze.
'Constance' was built to the "Wenda" design of Albert Strange:

The "Wenda", designed by yacht designer and artist Albert Strange in 1899 as a "Fast Cruiser Canoe Yacht" has the following dimensions: LOA 24'9"; LWL 19'3"; Beam 6'5"; draught 2'3"/5'; Sail Area 295sq ft; displacement 1.5tons ; ballast keel 12.6cwt; and steel c/board 1.5cwt. She was intended to be built very lightly. Carvel and clinker planked versions have been built.

The boat was not built, and the plans survived only as incomplete drawings in the 1906 edition of Folkard's "The Sailing Boat". These drawings intrigued many yachtsmen and designers for years and eventually WoodenBoat Magazine asked Phil Bolger to draw up a full set of plans - staying as faithful to what was known of the original "boat-to-be" as he could.
Several boats have been built using these plans, with some variations in approach and final result.

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Beautiful Yacht!I like the quotes which you have written...