Friday, August 8, 2014

For Christian

This is a class photograph sent to me by one of my ex pupils Christian May. He is in the second row from the back, second in from the left.

I remember Christian very well and if my memory serves me correctly it was to him that I lent a copy of J.R.R. Tolkiens 'Lord Of The Rings', a weighty tome of a book (over 1000 pages) by any stretch of the imagination - which he promptly devoured! He was a great reader. I think I may have been reading  C S Lewis' Narnia Chronicles series at the time to the class? and this prompted his interest in this genre of books - Perhaps Christian will remember.

He is also remembered fondly by my wife Christine who also taught him at Raumanga Kindergarten, (as were several others in this photograph) - The Kindergarten was  just a short distance from where this photo was taken in 1983 at Raumanga Primary School.

Looking at myself in the photo it seems prophetic that I received this photograph from Christian today, for I see that I am wearing a 'Cardy'  (Cardigan) LOL - Something that  63 year old retired men are supposed to be notorious for !!

Thank you for the photograph Christian - 2014 marks 40 years of pretty much continuous teaching practise in the classroom.
To look back over all those teaching years makes me smile - so many good memories. It is sobering to think how fast time has slipped by.

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