Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Rhetorical Moment

Shipmates, the fact that there is no question mark after the word 'cares' makes these words a rhetorical question - that is, a question that doesn't require an answer - Which means that the words are a statement rather than a question - no that's not complicated, and, it's my statement, "Who cares, I'm retired".

...... and because it's a rhetorical question that doesn't require anyone else to answer it, I shall continue the statement and answer the rhetorical question myself. Why? because I can.

Who cares? Well ME of course, I care a lot about my retirement .... and may my fabulous retirement unfold forthwith from this day forward ..... and the story of some of it's wonder and fabulousness (spellcheck tells me 'fabulousness' isn't a word, but bloody 'pffhah' and 'phhttt' to that) may very well find its way onto this Blog Spot.


Ben said...

Hi Alden,
Exactly 5 years ago when you retired for the first time :-) you went on a bycicle trip in Holland. Planning any big voyage now?

Alden Smith said...

Ben! EXACTLY??? 5 years ago? Well if it is exactly to the very month then this Second retirement is indeed some sort of coincidence.

The question is will I retire for a third time???? who knows :>) stranger things have happened LOL....... perhaps my third retirement will be a retirement from retirement itself.... Perhaps my new occupation will be writing the great New Zealand novel, discovering a cure for wrinkles or going on a world concert tour playing the Trombone, didgeridoo and bagpipes simultaneously.

Planning a trip of some sort? Absolutely!! and I will keep you posted - In the meantime I am very excited about going to Auckland this weekend to see the old Ngataki.

Ben said...

I would opt for “dolce far niente”, sweet doing nothing, delicious idleness. Everything is possible and nothing is an obligation.

Alden Smith said...

Ben, I like what you wrote so much I shall repeat it! yes, yes! sweet doing nothing, delicious idleness (I have been doing some of this) and YES! Everything is possible and nothing is an obligation! - couldn't have thought up any of that myself - thankyou.

Christian May said...

Congratulations Alden. I actually found an old class pic from 1983 which I will email you if you can send me your address.

Alden Smith said...

Hi Christian,

Ah, 1983, I remember it well - a vintage year :>) - I sometimes wonder what has happened to all these children I have taught over the years, where are they all? are they doing well? - I certainly hope so. I would love to receive a class photo from 1983 - I do keep all the old school photos but not in any systematic way (some wit I know uses the word 'shambolic')

Nice to hear from you, I hope all is well with you and yours.

Alden --