Sunday, March 4, 2018

__________________ ALL STORMS HAVE SILVER LININGS _______________

Ben wrote: " Hi Alden, Finally after many years we could skate on natural ice again. See pictures with windmill and the “Koek en zopie. The latter meaning a stand for hot drinks and food. In a separate mail I will sent a clip of me skating made by my friend Gerrit. Cheers, Ben."

Mijn vriend Ben die in Nederland woont, heeft me deze video en deze foto's gestuurd. Ben en zijn vrienden schaatsen voor de eerste keer in vele jaren op de waterwegen rond Tiel in Nederland. Een gewoon winters tafereel zoals dit in Nederland lijkt lichtjaren verwijderd van het normale dagelijkse leven hier in Nieuw-Zeeland. Dit schrijven is een product van Google Translate - ik hoop dat het grammaticaal correct is.

My friend Ben who lives in the Netherlands sent me this video and these photos. Ben and his friends skate for the first time in many years on the waterways around Tiel in the Netherlands. An ordinary winter scene like this in the Netherlands seems light years away from the normal daily life here in New Zealand. This writing is a Google Translate product - I hope it is grammatically correct.


Ben said...

Hi Alden,

Google is getting better and better. 😊
This week is already the last time on the artificial ice rink.
Day temperatures plus 7 Celsius. ☹
Spring can begin.

Alden Smith said...

I guess The Netherlands and the whole of Europe is looking forward to the warmth of Spring, you all deserve it after the Winter storms - but of course that means no more ice skating!

Kate said...

Amazing video and images! Thanks for posting them! As you say Alden, so differen5 from NZ!

Alden Smith said...

Yes, images and video all via Ben. All the skaters look so lithe and fit - not unlike Netherlanian racing sardines.