Monday, January 1, 2018

__________________________ STREET LEGAL __________________________

 Two brand new Anderson self bailers replace the old leaking ones.

In about six weeks I will be trundling off to Wellington to race in the 2018 National Zephyr championships. But before I do this I want to get 'Slipstream' completely compliant. Although she has a current measurement certificate that will be acceptable for the the championship I want to make her completely street legal. On the measurement certificate there are three areas that are noted that fall short of complete compliance. Because these issues do not give 'Slipstream' a competitive advantage a measurement certificate was issued with the non compliant areas noted.

The three areas that I am currently rectifying are:

- Lengthening the cockpit slates to span the complete length of the cockpit. I am happy to do this as it will strengthen the bottom of the hull. As you can see in the photographs this work is completed expect for the sanding and painting.

- Gluing an internal wooden bead around the face of the cockpit at deck height. This will give a good edge for my fingers to get a hold onto when climbing back into the cockpit after a capsize. The sanded areas around the inside of the cockpit in the photograph show where the new cockpit trim will be glued.

- Attaching some timber trim to the top of the splash boards as these are slightly below regulation height. The extra height will give more area to the splash boards and help them to do their job of keeping water out of the cockpit.

All the timber trim that I am using is cedar which is strong and light and shouldn't add any more weight considering that I have already lightened the boat by removing the large varnished laminated wooden crossbeam that has supported the heavy aluminum main sheet track (see photo below). I am going to use a light weight rope bridle with adjustment controls which has become common practise.

 When completed the only way to improve on 'Slipstream' will be to purchase one of the new immaculately built fiberglass Zephyrs complete with a beautifully varnished deck that are becoming very popular - now Shipmates - there's a shipshape new years resolution!

In terms of keeping weight out of the boat, the installation of two new self bailers that don't leak will also help in this area. With a little bit of fitting and painting to do we are almost good to go. I will soon be out on the water doing a bit of training and getting race fit for the National champs and the unpredictable Wellington weather.


Ben said...

Happy New Year Alden and happy sailing. May it be a successful year in many ways.
See also my mail.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Ben, I am looking forward to the sailing.. and a happy and prosperous 2018 to you and your family.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Best of luck in the racing.. though if you're anything like me (unlikely I'd suggest) it'll be just as much fun at the back of the pack.. :o)

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Steve, my goal is to finish every race and stay upright - at my age, if I can do that I will feel like a winner whatever my overall placing in the fleet is : >)

Paul Mullings said...

Happy New Year Alden, and good luck in Welly...

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Paul and a very happy new year to you too. I am really looking forward to Wellington even though I know it can blow like hell at any time of the year!