Saturday, June 17, 2017

________________________________ EEL _______________________________

George Holmes canoe yawl 'Eel'

Google emailed me today asking me to desist from Googling "Canoe Yawl" as I've worn out the fonts for this combination of letters - yikes!

 This (above) is Eel (built circa 1896) - today - still going strong..........

.......... and here is a Canadian version. I think the cabin trunk has been raised slightly which would give more sitting headroom, but isn't as aesthetically appealing as Eels lower cabin.


Barubi said...

I thought yawls had the mizzen mast stepped behind the rudder post, but Google advises that an alternative definition allows for the mizzen boom overhanging the stern. Either way it makes for an old time look to contrast with sloop, sloop, another sloop; oh look another average white sloop.

Alden Smith said...

Barubi, a strict definition of 'Yawl' does contain the principle that the mizzen mast must be behind the rudder post - a looser definition is to look at the proportion of the mizzen masts height and sail area in relation to the main mast and sail. If Eels' rear mast was a lot higher than it is and had double or more sail area then she would be a Ketch - but with the proportions she has, she is definitely a Yawl.

An older definition of Yawl is the old 'Yawl boats' that were large tenders to Brigs such as Charles Darwins 'Beagle' which had two rather large yawl boats on board.