Friday, February 10, 2017

______________________ RACING AT PARUA BAY ______________________

Whangarei Harbour, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand is one of the places where I sail 'Slipstream'. Onerahi Yacht Club is out of the picture on the right. The Whangarei Cruising Clubs (WCC) second site at Parua Bay is to the left.

Things are looking up on the Zephyr sailing front. Tomorrow I sail in the second race of a 7 race series at my yacht clubs Parua Bay site. So I am now sailing twice a week. Tuesday evenings at the OYC (Onerahi Yacht Club) and Saturdays at my own club the WCC. As a member of the ZOA (Zephyr Owners Association) I have the opportunity of taking 'Slipstream' down to race at various Auckland yacht club venues. All this sailing practise will be put to good use when I race at the NZ Zephyr Nationals next year.

Yes there is no doubt that I have a way to go to improve my physical profile to that of a Norwegian racing sardine - but like all living works of art, I am a work in progress. Losing a few (well a bucket load) of kilos will improve my sailing competitiveness (and health) - so what a great couple of incentives to do so.
For me, sailing really is ....... pure joy.


Ben said...

Since last December I know the area now. Love it. Good luck!
I envy you. If you miss the weight goal eventually, you can always become a bad weather sailor with excellent performance :-)

Alden Smith said...

Yes Ben, you know the area well, even sailing it with me on Mariner a few years ago as well as recently staying out on the coast (top left in the photo).

I am really working hard on my weight at the moment, wanting to be more of an all weather sailor rather than just someone who does well only when racing during hurricanes : > ) !!