Wednesday, January 4, 2017

________________________ WORK CONTINUES _________________________

The weather has been so sweltering over the last couple of days that I have only been able to work on the beach and road trailers by rigging up a sun shade. This has made working conditions tolerable. Northland, New Zealand has one of the highest ultra violet light radiation rates in the world. In summer the burn time is about 7 minutes. A cold beer after a day working in these conditions tastes pretty damn good.

The road trailer now has an iroko cross plank fixed in place incorporating a couple of positioning blocks for the beach trailer wheels. The unpainted timbers behind the beach trolley wheels span the road trailers mud guards and have wheel guiding battens in place. When the unpainted timber has seasoned a bit (it is very wet) I will paint the trailer deck and its new wooden fittings with non skid paint.

I have replaced the old blue foam cushioning on the beach trailer with new material (Cut this foam with a jigsaw Not a 'Stanley' knife for a nice clean edge) and proved yet again the amazing adhering ability of 'Ados' glue.

Tomorrows job is to make a start on building a couple of removable ramps so I can get the beach trolley on and off the road trailer easily. These ramps will stow on the deck of the trailer when not in use.

Paul Mullings  has suggested I take 'Slipstream' down and race her at the Mahurangi Classic Wooden Boat Regatta in January   I am giving the idea serious consideration.


Ben said...

Again, a nice piece of work. You are like me, preferring woodwork over steelwork.
Any idea when the first Zephyr race will be for you?

Alden Smith said...

The first race will be the 22nd January which is the first race for 2017 in the 'Twilight' Tuesday races at the Onerahi Yacht Club. The next race may be the 28th of January if I take the boat down for the Mahurangi Wooden Boat weekend.

But a first sail is close, as today I loaded up 'Slipstream' onto the road trailer and found that she fits perfectly. When I finish typing this I will be building a couple of ramps for the beach trailer to run on which will make loading and unloading from the road trailer a seamless operation.