Tuesday, August 9, 2016

___________________ SORTING THE WORKBENCH (2) ___________________

The renovations on my outside workbench are pretty much completed. The addition of extra timber strengthening, cladding and shelving has added greatly to the weight of the bench and made it hefty and stable. I am sure it won't creep across the carport when I am hammering away on something in the vise as it has done in the past.

The current vise on the workbench is too small and light to cope with the sort of work I will be using the workbench for. So I am cleaning, painting and restoring an old spare vise that I have had stored away for just this occasion.

Recently when I was sorting my small workshop I also sorted the workshop vise. I cleaned, greased and repainted it and it is now fit for many more years of use. The vise I am renovating here is the same model and size as this newly restored workshop vise and will look exactly the same when cleaned up and bolted in place on the outside workbench.

The question now is - do I paint the newly renovated outside workbench or leave it au naturel ?

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