Saturday, June 25, 2016

______________________ MARINER'S DINGHY (4) _______________________

It seems a bit like the monsoon season here is Whangarei at the moment so what better way to spend my time than to continue the work I have started on restoring Mariners big dinghy.

After having sanded the outside of the hull I have turned the dinghy upright, sanded the inside, removed the central thwart, stern and bow knees and the internal sheer planks all of which require replacing.

It has become a tricky job replacing the sheer planks as the planks have to twist and bend in two directions to fit. To bend the planks without breaking them I have cut them in half length ways and are fitting them one length at a time. The photo show the second (lower) starboard internal sheer plank glued and cramped in position. The port side is awaiting its two piece fit.

After the sheer planks are glued and glassed in place I will laminate in four sets of ribs which will stiffen up the hull and stop it flexing. The ribs will also provide support for some wooden floor boards; something the dinghy hasn't had before.
On this renovation I have realised yet again - you can never have too many G - cramps!

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