Thursday, January 28, 2016

_________ Steinlager 2 (Again) - Auckland Anniversary Regatta 2016 ________

Time seems to go past faster as you get older - I can't quite believe that it has been one year since the last Auckland Anniversary Regatta.

This year I am booked on board for the day with my brother Christopher. He was a bit miffed that I didn't ask him to sail with me and my mate David on Lion NZ in last years Coastal Classic but as I pointed out to him;

 "The last time we sailed together was on Mariner when we sailed her back from the Bay of Islands - You were very sea sick and said to me as you chundered over the side, 'Don't ask me to go F - ing sailing again... Ever! "

I was told these words were said (understandably)  under the duress of 'Mal de mer' ....... I am very glad about that as it's always great to hang out and go sailing with my bros.

So we leave the Auckland Viaduct Basin at 8.45am Monday 1st February, ready to do battle under a predicted  sunny sky and 15 knots of Easterly wind - I can hardly wait.

( Berths are available to the general public at $150 pp for the day. The money is used by the NZ Sailing Trust to maintain these great old 'Whitbread Around the World' racing yachts. Both Steinlager 2 and Lion NZ are mainly used by the trust for school sailing programmes ). 


Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Alden. Time flies, like you say. It seems like only a short while since you did this last year. Up here in non-austral lands, I have to remind myself not to say, "why would anyone go out ocean racing in the middle of winter?" but you'd think I'd know better.

The weather forecast sounds fantastic. You ought to have a great time. Do blog about your adventure, please.

Alden Smith said...

Here where I live in the far North of New Zealand its possible to sail without too much trouble all year round - in fact the more furious winter weather can add a bit of spice to the sailing.
The trade off is that we don't enjoy the greater seasonal contrasts that other parts of the country enjoy or tolerate (depending on your point of view). When I moved here in 1974 I did initially miss the seasonal changes but I am now a confirmed Northlander and don't mind one season merging pretty much seamlessly with the next.

Yes the forecast looks good for Monday - should be a great day!