Friday, September 18, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 33

I have done a 'pre - fit' of all the main pieces of hardware to make sure everything is ok. This new mast step has two large self taping screws that screw through the deck plywood to the central deck beam. Before permanently attaching all the pieces of hardware they will be removed and the surrounding areas either varnished, painted or sealed with fiberglass resin.

Cutting holes in the bottom of a boat is always a counter intuitive exercise. This hole is for the 'Self Bailer' an ingenious device that empties water out of the boats cockpit while sailing.

The blue device is my old Makita jigsaw that I purchased in 1975. It did sterling service when I built my 30ft yacht 'Mariner. It's 40 years old and still going strong.

The 'Self Bailer' or 'Venturi' now fits snugly. It's bought into operation by lifting the locking / lifting bar (left) and pushing down the pivoting bailer (center). At speed a vacuum created by the 'venturi' effect pushes water out. These devices are very efficient and quickly empty quite large volumes of water out of the cockpit.

The mainsheet track screwed down without any major problems.

I had to drill and chisel out slots for the chainplates between the outer rubbing strake and the deck. The chainplate fastening screws attach through the plywood into 24mm thick backing blocks.

I trimmed the very pointy end of the deck at the bow and attached the forward combination chain plate and carrying handle.

On goes the first coat of undercoat to the hull. The hull will be painted white. When she is turned right side up all the hull painting will be complete. She will then be ready for the last coats of deck varnish, a finishing coat of paint in the cockpit and the permanent fitting of all the deck hardware.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Getting there! She's looking good...

Alden Smith said...

Yes, soon be in the water, one step at a time.