Tuesday, September 22, 2015

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MARY HARRIGAN <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

After viewing the new abode I don't have the money to purchase until this coming Saturday (See last post) I stopped off at my yacht club (Whangarei Cruising Club) and took a look at an interesting visitor. She is the beautiful husky schooner 'Mary Harrigan' from Pin Mill. She is an  L. F. Herreshoff 'JOANNE' design built, I think, by the famous Bud Macintosh on the east coast of the USA. Apparently (From internet information) the owner and the boat are now resident here in New Zealand.

An interesting aspect of this boat are the words 'Pin Mill' on the stern. 'Pin Mill' is both a thing:

"A pin mill is a mill that comminutes materials by the action of pins that repeatedly move past each other. Much like a kitchen blender, it breaks up substances through repeated impact. The mill is a type of vertical shaft impactor mill and consists of two rotating disks with pins embedded on one face."

........ and a place:

"Pin Mill is a hamlet on the south bank of the tidal River Orwell, located on the outskirts of the village of Chelmondiston on the Shotley peninsula, south Suffolk. It lies within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a designated "

Maybe the owner is an Englishman with an American boat? or an American who lives at Pin Mill in the UK, or maybe there is a port in the USA called Pin Mill, who knows.... but I would be interested to find out the story between the two.

Mary Harrigan has an interesting pair of yard arms high on the forward mast. I would be interested to know how these are used. I can imagine it being easier to douse the two piece? downwind squaresail (s) by allowing the booms to go forward spilling the wind before furling them.

The building in the foreground with the rounded roof is our new club house. The sheds in the background are private boat sheds. Perhaps I should purchase one of these as a new abode instead of waiting until I win Lotto. I am told the odds of winning are greater than being personally struck on the head on Saturday by an asteroid.

Mary Harrigan is not the size of boat I would ever be able to afford to own, or really want to own ..... but I absolutely Love looking at this size and type. It would be great to have a sail on her! ........ how wonderful to prowl the decks at dusk and watch the stars appear as she sat solidly at anchor in some quiet bay - bliss.


ma said...

Do you have an email address where I can write to you?

ma said...

The owner of the Mary Harrigan is my brother, drop me a line, map0814@gmail.com

Alden Smith said...

Thank you for your comment Ma, I will drop you a line and maybe you can fill me in on some of the questions I have asked on this blog post?

Janet Sublett said...

Do you need to get a hold of Len, I know where he is an get ahold of him "

Alden Smith said...

It would be good to take a look over the boat if that opportunity was available - that is, if the boat was in Whangarei and your brother was happy with that idea. If I see the Mary Harrigan I will make an approach to your brother and mention that I have been in contact with you.

Michael fellenbaum said...

This is mike his step son it would be nice to talk to him

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for that Michael : > )

Dean Mendenhall said...

The Mary Harriman was built by Jeffrey Fogman in his shop in Barrington NH for original owner . Jeff was a great admirer of Bud MacIntosh and built several boats to his designs as well. Glad to see she is still sailing and looking well considering the miles she has sailed, that is a tribute to her builder and the great maintance she has received.
Dean Mendenhall

Alden Smith said...

Dean, thank you for that information - much appreciated.