Sunday, August 2, 2015

------------------------------- Retirement - What Retirement? ---------------------------------

Here is the main reason that I am not making much progress at the moment with the Starling Project. The downstairs 'Granny Flat' got flooded earlier in the year and it was time to roll up the sleeves and put things right.

The concrete floor has been painted with four coats of two pot epoxy paint to seal the surface and hopefully keep the water out. The grey coloured lines in the floor are where some extra epoxy has been applied to cracks in the concrete where water has being getting in. Under todays more strict building regulations none of this water problem would occur. This work combined with some flash outside drainage pipes should restore these rooms to their former use.

I have painted the skirting boards and the scotias and done some jib stopping of the walls ( Photo above - left under the wall plugs and above the recessed book case.

My new WorkMate folding bench has come in useful for this work as has my growing collection of saw horses. I have modified most of my saw horses by attaching strengthening battens on all sides and baffles on the ends to make them as strong as possible. They now easily take both the weight of a scaffolding plank and me.

Painting and decorating, renovations and the building and restoration of yachts always reminds me of the contrast between the huge declarations of intent that can be contained within a few sentences and the reality of making it happen!!

Tomorrow I begin painting the walls.


Ben said...

Flooded “Granny flat”, what happened with granny?
I like the word saw horses, looking at all the work you did you must be a working horse.
You are completely right, making plans any fool can to some extent, but making them work is another thing and it costs an awful lot of time.
Saw a Laser race today, can’t wait to see you fly in your Starling.

Alden Smith said...

When the "Granny flat" flooded, Granny floated away. While floating she had a floating 'Road to Damascus' experience and converted to the religion called sailing. She was last seen sailing single handed somewhere in the Western Pacific.

I now leave this laptop and begin the big paint! - Then it's the big Starling Push!

Alden Smith said...

....... and yes Ben, I am a 'Work Horse' and I must pace myself and not end up in the 'Knackers Yard' as a prospect for the pet food factory. But I think I will be safe; I can only do in a day what I am physically capable of doing; you can't 'Flog a dead horse' as the saying goes ..... and I really Must go and paint now ... perhaps pretend I am Picasso to relieve the tedium LOL.