Saturday, August 15, 2015

__________________ CONGRATULATIONS CHARLOTTE _________________

I remember once many years ago attending an Intermediate School (Years 7 and 8) end of year prize giving. Charlotte was to the fore in all the supporting Singing / Drama items that were part of the evening. She came and sat with us during the prize giving. During the presentations of all the certificates and prizes Charlotte said, "I have never ever been awarded one of those prizes, ever." She looked a little sad when she said this. I remember at the time feeling her sadness. She never saw herself as being an academic achiever.

[ I think Charlotte was referring here specifically to academic certificates at end of year prize givings, I remember her having clear files full of all sorts of other certificates and awards ].

Today a large white envelope arrived from NorthTec College. It contained:

1 - Charlotte's Bachelor Of Nursing Degree.
2 - Charlotte's Academic Record which includes Merit and A Grade passes - pretty impressive.

She also got notification today that she had passed the New Zealand Nursing Councils Nursing Registration Exam.

Well done Charlotte, we are all immensely proud of you and your accomplishment.


Ben said...

The proud dad! Congratulations to Charlotte also from Renée and me.
Smashing foto by the way.

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Ben. Yes, very proud indeed!

George A said...

Great news! My son Erik passed his Registered Nursing exam about a year or so ago. He's doing well in the ER of a local hospital. After my skating fall I've had a few questions to bounce off him--good to have a medical professional in the family!

Alden Smith said...

Erik, you are correct, it's great to have a medical professional in the family!! It's a bit like having your own Google.Health.personal information assistant! LOL.