Tuesday, August 18, 2015

________________________ A BIT FED UP __________________________

"A bit fed up" - which doesn't mean that I have had a lot to eat. This photograph was taken earlier this year (about 6 weeks ago I think) somewhere on the road to the Italian Lake district. It was very hot, my dodgy knee hurt like hell and I was very tired of walking. But this moment didn't colour the whole trip which was interesting, enlightening and very enjoyable. Christine and I enjoyed it immensely. I posted this photograph because of the look on my face - and tonight I am fed up. I have just spent about four hours up at the local hospital getting checked out - stuff to do with my heart. I spent a long time waiting while connected to about four million wires and other beeping monitoring equipment. I watched a continuous display of my heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen uptake, a morbidly fascinating view when there are a dearth of magazines to read. I was dealt with promptly and efficiently and then had to wait a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time for the test results. So that's why I am fed up. My current face looks like the face in the photo. Fed up. And now its half past eleven at night and I  am going off to have a good sleep. Bugger all this bloody health crap - I am really fed up with it.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

You need a bit of sailing in your life.... get that boat of yours finished and painted...

Bursledon Blogger said...

Alden, hope you're a little less fed up and a lot better. Can you drop me your email address and I'll send over the offsets for the rowing boat - sorry couldn't find an email on your blog
my email is bursledonblog@googlemail.com



Alden Smith said...

Steve, that's excellent advice and exactly to the point.

I think that the struggle to get the splashboards on the Starling exactly screwed, glued and fitting wrenched the muscles across my chest which gave me a couple of days of a really sore chest - very similar to angina pain.

I am a bit susceptible to chest pain as I have had my chest cut open and re wired up after a quadruple heart bypass operation 2 years ago. I foolishly ignored the pain instead of going to the doctor and getting it checked out straight away.

I learned a number of good lessons yesterday.

Alden Smith said...

Max, Yes, I am a lot better. All the tests showed that I wasn't having another heart attack and everything is A OK. Most people don't like to make a fuss and I'm one of them, but what I did was dangerous and a bit stupid, especially considering my track record. The advice given is emphatic - If you get chest pains, ring an ambulance or get up to the hospital A @ E as quick as you can!

I think working on the Starling yesterday and a couple of weeks renovating and painting which included lifting some scaffolding planks didn't do my chest much good. I will need to be a bit more careful.

My email address is aldensmith@xtra.co.nz

Many thanks in advance of receiving some info on one or the most primo looking rowing
boats I have seen in a long time.