Monday, August 3, 2015

_____________________ Anyone For Earl Gray Tea? _____________________

Flash new drain. Before this was installed rainwater would lie here forever unless I went and dealt to it with a yard broom. Now it drains beautifully and leaves the area nice and dry when the sun comes out.
My inspiration for becoming Picasso the house painter comes from the antics of our grandson. On a recent visit there was a longish silence. He was found with a ball point pen and a big smile on his face beside this little stool that he had removed the cushion covering from. Good on ya little fella, a blank canvas is always begging for a budding Picasso to drawn on it!

Here is Picasso the elder, wall painter non - extraordinaire. Not in his wildest dreams is he able to match his grandson for artistic panache and originality.

This is the first of two rooms to be completed. The paint on the walls is called "Quarter Tea" (Why the hell they don't just call it "Very light brown" is beyond me ) ........ Anyway, the wall looks more grey than brown ....... maybe the "Quarter Tea" on the paint chart was Earl Grey Tea and I wasn't paying enough attention? Bugger.

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